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Private 5G mobile network at IDIADA Proving Ground

IDIADA Proving Ground will have a private 5G mobile network developed by Orange to provide secure and controlled testing environments for the automotive industry

An advanced Private #Mobile Network with fully configurable 2G, 3G, 4G and #5G coverage will be available at IDIADA’s main technical centre in Spain!

The network is expected to be operational by June 2021 and will allow IDIADA to provide a secure and controlled testing environment with a wide range of customizable options for the #automotive industry.

The development of the mobile network has been possible thanks to the collaboration of Orange España, together with the most advanced #technology and end-to-end services provided by Ericsson Iberia, which includes a #network core specifically configured and sized to fit our needs.

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ICPG Wet Tracks Reopen

IDIADA China Proving Ground is reopening all Wet Test Tracks after a short recess during the winter season.

The Wet Handling Circuit has undergone intensive refurbishing works to improve the water film control system, which will provide more consistent performance on the track and allow for more test conditions depending on the client's needs.

In parallel, all traffic control equipment and passive safety systems have also been reviewed and upgraded.

As for quality measurements, corresponding certificates have also been reviewed to match the highest recognized worldwide standards by providing the option to obtain worldwide  certification on vehicles and tyres aimed at export in our China facilities.

New CAV Facility at IDIADA Proving Ground

In keeping with our commitment to innovation, together with our goal to continue providing world class facilities and services to our clients, IDIADA is pleased to announce the go-ahead of a major project to expand and improve its Proving Ground facility.

In the first quarter of 2021, IDIADA will start the construction of a new test track complex specially designed for CAV testing and validation at our Proving Ground in l'Albornar, Spain.

This 15.3 million EUR investment comprises the construction of multiple sections that will reproduce urban, rural, interurban and motorway environments. The first phase is due to be operational during the second quarter of 2022. The new tracks will complement our current comprehensive facilities and will position IDIADA as a global reference and leader in the field of CAV testing and validation.

Construction Phase I   Q2 2022

Construction Phase II  Q4 2023

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive further information on this project.

Testing underway on ADAS & CAV track