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EU - EU Enforces Ban on Vehicles being exported to Russia



 EU – EU Enforces Ban on Vehicles being exported to Russia


On15 March 2022 the European Union officially enacted additional trade restrictions on exports to Russia

This includes a ban on the export of European luxury vehicles with values over 50 000 euros and motorcycles and/or parts with values over 5 000 euros The vehicle pronouncement, as well as all other decisions issued at the same time, were published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 15 March 2022. According to the EU’s rules of governance, that publication means that these rules immediately went into effect as of that publication date.

“Vehicles, except ambulances, for the transport of persons on earth, air or sea of a value exceeding EUR 50 000 each, teleferics, chairlifts, ski draglines, traction mechanisms for funiculars, motorbikes of a value exceeding EUR 5 000 each, as well as their accessories and spare parts’’.


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