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New e-commerce platform and IRIS - IDIADA's Regulatory Information System, is part of it!

New e-commerce platform and  IRIS  - IDIADA's Regulatory Information System, is part of it!  Applus+ IDIADA has launched a new e-commerce platform to market a...

New IRIS subscription options

  New IRIS subscription options     IDIADA’s Regulatory Information System (IRIS) continues moving towards the future by reinventing itself and adapting to...

New technical requirements to R(EU) 2018/858

   New technical requirements to R(EU) 2018/858 The new Commission Delegated Regulation R(EU) 2022/2236 aims to set out the technical requirements to be applied for...

IRIS - IDIADA's Regulatory Information System, IDIADA Digital Solutions

IRIS  - IDIADA's Regulatory Information System, will be part of the NEW e-commerce platform,  IDIADA Digital Solutions ; that will be launched in early October. Would you...

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  • Normativa R(EU) 2019/1213
    N2, N3, M2, M3, O1, O2, O3, O4
    ResumenTipo de FechaFecha
    Mandatory application of Points 1.4(d), 5.3 and 8.1 of Annex I, Annex II and points 3, 8.2 and 10 of Annex IIITodas las fechas de implementación27-may-2024
  • Normativa UN R.017
    N2, N3, N1, M1, M2, M3
    ResumenTipo de FechaFecha
    The aim of this proposal is to bring the current text of the UN Regulation No. 17 in line with its scope, to ensure, that only safe head restraints will be fitted to seats in all seating positions and in all vehicle categories specified in the scope.Todas las fechas de implementación01-jun-2024
  • Normativa UN R.160
    N1, M1
    ResumenTipo de FechaFecha
    02 seriesTodas las fechas de implementación01-jun-2024