Proving Ground overview

We have new aerial images of our Proving Ground at IDIADA’s headquarters in Spain.

Proving Ground Portal

To request full access to Customer Portal to request facility reservations and acces IDIADA weather records, please contact

Fast Access Lane

Procedure change on Zone 2 Wet Braking area

Proving Ground team would like to inform you that the resurfacing work carried out on the wet braking section located at Zone 2 on the Straight Line Braking Surfaces (T07) that was planned over the winter maintenance period was carried out successfully.

Additionally, we have implemented a new operating procedure for this section and that, from Monday 31st January 2022, on the initial 125 meters of the straight will be irrigated when the user request use of the surface. the rest of this section will remain in DRY condition unless requested to Proving Ground Operations team in advance.

We remind that braking tests are not permitted on the DRY surface.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us at

New ISO V Surface Operational

We are pleased to announce that our new ISO V surface, located on Dynamic Platform A is now certified and available for reservation.

The additional surface will add capacity for our clients performing external noise tetsing at IDIADA Proving Ground.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact

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